Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Moment Dressed in White

Last night was magical! The gentle stillness of the first snow. We all quitetly watched in awe of God's beautiful workmanship. And then...shouted with jubilation and excitement because we all knew that tomorrow would hold new things for us all to do. You have to remember that in Washington State on the westside of the state IF it snows it never sticks long enough for even a snowball!

I'm pretty sure that it has never snowed for us on the night we decorated our Christmas tree. It was beautiful and inspiring. Josiah, my five year old said," look mommy the snow is like falling feathers." It was the perfect description of the big fluffy flakes. His sweet little voice whispered it just for me to hear.

We were all so excited that we started taking pictures and then I got the idea that we should take one of all the kids for our christmas card this year. It turned out so great. The other added blessing of the evening was that our oldest Gina was actually home, that was a christmas miracle...just kidding, but it sure is hard to pin down a senior in high school these days. She even comment how nice it was to just "not have to be anywhere".
Thank you Lord for such a sweet expression of your love for us. I will never forget it!

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