Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Birthday Parade

I was in my studio early this morning, in a creative tither, ideas were coming faster than I could write them down. I'm skectching, writing, making notations, flooded with great images in my mind's eye. For whatever reason, I open up a notebook out of my computer case that I hadn't seen since the fall...within the breath of a moment the roar of my personal heady chaos is silenced. I read my makeshift entry,obviously, I hadn't the time to write it where it belonged, in my journal. The Birthday Parade. hmmmm I don't remember a birthday....I have to say that it was such a delightful interruption that I had to sit down and write it on my blog to share. I love the feeling of discovery it is so pleasureable to me, delight and triggered learing wrapped in one package!

Enjoy a look into the day and life of our household. I enjoyed remembering.

May 24, 2007

I had the great pleasure of listening to The Birthday Parade rehearsal played over and over...and over again. My two younger children had whiled away the afternoon with excited chatter and planning for the Birthday Parade. "The birthday for Gina Celebation Song" as it was dubbed. It went something like this, (now be creative and envision two of your younger siblings doing this for you).

"GINA! GINA! GINA!...Happy Birthday are the best sister GINA"-marching, marching, marching,... and so it goes, around and around with lots of bells and rattles and noise making, preferably repeating no less then 10 times in a row, then..."GIIIIIINNNNNAAAAA!" with an exuberent ending note, so as not to miss that it is the end of the song.

I giggled almost outloud to their distraction, but with great delight! I just had to write it down and secretly observe this phenomenon.. then quickly, I hear the patter of little feet as they hurry to their rooms for their costumes- well of course...WAIT Costumes?! My goodness, this will be some parade! You should know, that proper parade attire consists of homemade flags, coon-skin hats, blazer jackets and pouches filled with grass confetti to throw at the recipient!

I love sitting at my desk and listening to the amazing things my kids come up with. Their childhood creativity is so beautiful and bountiful, full of life and sound. Not the abridged version we adults have. Thank you Lord for this celebration of many things all at once. A birthday, growing up, the age of innocence, sibling love, working toward a common goal, honoring someone. The celebration of music and rythmn, and love. A perfect example of your omnipresent power in our lives. You waste nothing and count it all.

Needless to say, the parade was a huge success and Gina snickered and giggled through the whole show. What a wonderful way to be praised and remembered. I know big sister Gina was honored today, on the day she came to be part of the world and I think God was too.

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