Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let Me Introduce You...

I have had the privildge of meeting some amazing women this year, who totally inspire me not only in business, and art, but as wonderful women in spirit too! One of those women is Alice Wingerden. This lovely gal has a great eye for antiques, does wonderful still life photography and acquires beautiful vintage collectibles. (check out these vintage earings, do they come in other colors?) She is also a web designer and does digital collaging. Talk about multi-talented I love that! When I wrote to her inquiring about a Christian Artists website she graciously welcomed me and shared her thoughts with me! I have to tell you that, when I got her notes for the interview, I could swear I was reading about myself! God is so good at finding us new friends!

She is a true kindred spirit! I would like to introduce you to :

Alice Wingerden, Proprietor of Painted White!

"Here at Painted White, we hope to bring uniqueness and inspirations to your life! If you enjoy all things vintage, handmade, and one-of-a- kind, you are sure to love our little shop."

-Alice W.

Could you tell me a little about yourself?

I am 26 years old...married to my best friend, Joshua, whom I met at the tiniest church ever (like 25 people!). We fell in love within my first year there...but didn't start "officially" dating for quite awhile (we are both shy ;)! Once we did start dating though...we were engaged soon after and were married on Oct. 1st, 2006. We have an adorable Cairn Terrier, Renoir...our spoiled baby who keeps us on our toes! We live in a townhouse in West Henrietta, NY...just south of Rochester.

How did you get started in your business? How long?

I was actually working on a Masters in Art Therapy and discovered "altered art" at an internship that I was doing. I became quite enthralled with creating and began to feel the pull (that I had felt often in my life) towards starting my own & decor related. I ended up leaving the program I was in (for various reasons...not just to start my business)...but ended up working at home selling on eBay. I eventually created my own website (in 2006). Joshua has been so supportive through it all which makes it much easier!

What is the spark that ignites your creativity? What is your creative process like?

Usually my creativity moods come when I see something can be anything from an upclose photo in a magazine of old ephemera to a pretty chandelier that I see in an antique store. I usually end up working all hours of the night (I am quite a night owl!) when I have a project that I just can't put down.

Can you tell me where your appreciation for vintage and antique things comes from?

My mother, Janine...she brought me to lots of auctions, flea markets and church sales as a child. She is actually an antique dealer and has always brought home lovely finds just for me. I have always had a penchant for old mom loves to tell the story about when my sister and I would go to flea markets and there would be brand new dolls...never used...and old, ratty dolls...and we always chose the old ratty ones!!! We knew they needed a good home ;) ...and I guess that feeling when I see an old door on the side of the road...I HAVE to go back and get it! I would love to have been born in the Victorian Era...the clothes...the homes...the furniture...the decor...I love it all.

How do you feel that your business is a reflection of God working in your life?

It is completely a reflection of Him working in my life. I absolutely would not be able to do this without God in my life. He is my strength and support...especially when things seem to be going against me (lack of finances, lack of support from friends or family, etc.) . I owe it all to him that I am able to live out my dream.

Do you own a shop/ art studio/ office? Where do you do your work from?

I currently work from my home. I have the master bedroom as my studio...we moved into this home in October, and I still have not organized this it isn't used much yet for creative work...except for things relating to the computer. It actually is just a HUGE storage room right now for all my supplies.

My dream is to own my own shop someday though...hopefully within the next five years. My main line of selling will most likely continue to be the internet (because of my website designs)...but I would love to have a shop for the joy of decorating it and having a beautiful space for customers to come!

Thanks Alice for sharing with us. I love your eye for all things lovely. Don't you just love her gallery, so fresh and bright? Be sure to visit her website Painted White with Alice W. where you will find wonderful treasure. Also visit her blog Romantic Thoughts where you can read about the romantic life to wonderful french music playing in the background, ah, I felt like I was back in Paris. You will not be disappointed.


Alice W. said...

Thank you Heather soooo much!!! This was so sweet of you to do and I think it turned out fabulous!!! I can't wait to do yours now! True kindred spirit indeed!!!
~Alice said...

What a warm interview! Both the questions and the answers gave me insight into the hearts of two lovely ladies. I enjoyed learning more about you, Alice as much as I enjoyed my afternoon visit through your online shop and blog. Thank you for sharing your new friend, Heather.

Creatively Yours, Laura

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.