Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthdays Abound!

Well, as many of you have been reading I have vowed this year to give gifts that I have made so I thought that I would showcase some of the things I have been doing since it has been a birthday bonanza around here starting with my daughters friends, sons friends, then daughter's, then son's, then husbands, then other daughter... Phew anyone dizzy yet?

Well, without further adeiu ,enjoy the gallery of some of our birhtday gifts!

My younger daughter's birthday gift: a plaque with befitting bible

passage on it for her to hang in her room

This is a piece of art I did for my Husband for his birhtday. My husband is the strength of our family, like the old oak tree.

My daughter and I made this for her friend's birthday-isn't it so cute! We used an old hot chocolate tin, cleaned it out and made a little sewing tote out of it. Using paper, lace, craft peals, material, fiber fill, silk flowers and then we made the lid into a pincusion and stuffed the inside full of sewing goodies and fat quarters-she loved it.


Gaby Bee. said...

Love your art work, especially the birthday card for your hubby.
Just gorgeous! Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog - hope you will visit again sometime :) Gaby

bee'nme said...

Hello Heather! Just lovely work!! So thoughtful and just simply beautiful! - I'm so glad that I found you out here in Blogland - I would love to add your blog to my list 'o blogs with your permission. Yours would be a warm and welcome addition...

LOVE your shop too...oh the wonderful goodies!!

Hope to see much more of you!

Hugs and blessings,
Becky S.