Sunday, April 13, 2008

Girl Time Tidbit #1

I have two daughters, one has left the nest and is in college, the other still at home :o) The younger one and I enjoy what we call "Girl Time". I don't know how we coined the name. I think it was to deter any brothers from wanting to be in on the action... anyway, I thought I would start sharing some of the things that we do together. I will share "Girl Time Tidbits" and projects too. My hope is that it will encourage you or spark your creativity to start a "Girl Time" in your own home with your daughters.

Building healthy mother/daughter relationships is a heartfelt desire of mine actually, all relationships among women are; in friendship, as mentors, family relations. I also have a great love for the womanly arts of sewing, hand work, crafts, writing, hospitality, cooking and caring for my family. I want to share the things of my heart with my girls so I started spending special time with them, talking, sharing and having tea with them. What fun this has been! The wonderful by-product of this is that my daughters have also grown to love this time and lovingly share their hearts with me!

"Girl Time Tidbit #1"

One of the great things we decided was to make up a special place where we would have "Girl Time". For us this is the living room our nicest room. We sit by the front window at an antique table that I inherited from my paternal grandmother. She is who my younger daughter is named after. This table is extra special for me because there are many wonderful memories associated with it. Recipes I wrote down as my Mimi (my grandmother's nickname) dictated them, heartfelt talks, card games, I would eat fresh raspberries and milk with a sprinkle of sugar on them, that my Papa had picked from his garden that very morning. I even learned to crochet at this table.

This is our "Girl Time" spot

This special spot doesn't have to be fussy make it suit your style and decore! I have created it so that it can stay that way all the time. If you don't have a space to do this in, not a problem you can creat a "Girl Time" box (a plastic tub with lid or wicker basket) and put your special things in it. Then when you want to have "Girl Time" have your daugther get it out and set out your sweet smelling candle and special table cloth, tea cups and devotions or projects. When you are done it can go back in the plastic tub and back into it's storage spot.

We have made our spot inviting and special with candle and special books on poetry, our bibles, devotionals and our Girlhood Home Companion publications and a basket filled with our stitching and handiwork. There are many days that I long to just sit and spend time with my growing girl. The time is short make it count even if it is lots of small times they will add up to big memories and cozy feelings of love. I would love to hear your "Girl Time Tidbits", tales and memories, so please leave a comment.

This is some of our favorite tea!


JJ said...

oh my, words cannot convey how beautiful this is...waiting for the tears to clear! my mom inspires a lot of my crafty ways...we still have girl time and i am thirty something! i believe your girls fondest memories will be of girl time when they are thirty something. I can tell your an awesome mom, keep passing the faith along!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Love that you are considerig making a runner up prize, sounds PERFECT! Still working out details here, raffle won out but our charity won't grant permish to use their name. Yikes! Couldn't find your email fast enuff, so drop in anytime to me at mlmagness at aol dot com. Love to hear from you! xo, Monica :)

Alice W. said...

What a wonderful and sweet time it must be between you and your daughter! I am the only girl in the for now at least, I will have to spend "girl time" alone or with a friend ;)

Thanks for sharing! (Oh and I think we might have that same pink teacup with the fruit inside!)

Mark said...

This is Laura...somehow I'm logged in with my hubby's name so excuse the "Mark said"...
Laura said,
Reading your blog is like sipping a cup of love! I enjoy the sweetness, warmth and refreshing thoughts you stir up.
I love my girl time with my daughters and my wonderful girlfriends like you, Heather.
Love Ya, Laura
Now can you imagine that comment from my husband? Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard when I saw HIS name on the comment after I wrote it! I told him about it (laughing through the whole story) and he requested I delete it immediately.So this is my replacement. Hope you got a giggle.

jillnovak said...

OH, Heather, you are such a sweet mom. Annabelle is so blessed to have a mom like you. Thank you for sharing your tidbits. I'm so glad that the Lord has allowed us to become friends. Your projects are beautiful - just like you and you are a real asset to The Girlhood Home Companion. Keep blessing us with your writing and tell Annabelle that I look foward to more of hers as well.

In Him