Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Girl Time Tidbit #2

#2. Get your daughter involved!
Have her be in charge of gathering the materials for your craft, setting up the table, or making the tea! Let her set things up. This allows her freedom to begin to set her eye for decorating her home and practicing the gifts of hospitality. What a simple and delightful way to try new arrangements. Remember we don't always get it right the first time, so gently (if at all) guide your daughter as she learns these new skills!

At our table we usually have a pretty table cloth, lace doily with a candle lamp(this is a large candle with a shade for the top, ours is clear glass). My daughter also likes to be in charge of making the "tea tray" which she lovingly decorates with a doily, our tea cups, sugar bowl and teaspoons. I love watching her to see what she comes up with. My heart swells with joy to see her sense of hospitality and attention to detail blossoming forth. I could have told her to do all these things, but now, I get to praise her efforts! This is a wonderful and eternal way to bless her. This is a large part of "Girl Time" in our household. Intentionally making time to praise my daughters and teach them something in the process!
Next time I will share how to make a special tea light for your table!

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Laura said...

You are such an incredible mother, Heather! I read your beautiful words about how you nurture, teach and play with your children and I often wish I had a mother just like you! Well, being my dearest friend and sister in Christ is close enough!