Friday, June 13, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise!

I have been having a new experience- I have been PRIORITIZING! I know-stand back... this is a feat for me because I feel like I am not always very good at it. All that to say, that I received a wonderful surprise in the mail last week and I am just now getting it up on my blog.

I participated in a wonderful swap hosted by The Vintage Dragonfly "For the Birds"and I got this lovely above from Margo, you can visit her blog Dining Room Studio and see what I gave her if you would like, thanks again Margo for posting mine!

Getting this in the mail was such a treat, because I have had other things taking center stage. Do you ever have times when you move from one thing to the next thing without a breather? That has been me lately and it is not a pace I am use to- it was starting to wear me out! However... I am getting an amazing amount of art, chores, activities done, and THAT is a blessing! Enjoy Margo's lovely artwork!

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Laura said...

Margo's artwork is so pretty, and perfect for you, Heather! It'll look fabulous in your art studio! I'm so proud of you, and all that you're accomplishing in your life!