Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Been Making Lavender Wands

This is my version of a lavender wand. You have seen the traditional wands made from fresh lavender and woven with beautiful ribbons. I have some of these and have made some of these too. Here is my entry for Layers of Color Challenge, this weeks theme is, you guessed it one of my favorite things: Lavender! Well of course I have added a little bling that is sure to make any Lavender Sprite squeal with delight!
I used Layers of Color Fleur Heart stamp and enlarged it. Outlined it with purple glitter, added fibers and ribbons, silk flower, silk and beads, silver stars, tulle and glittery velvet leaves. I took these pictures outside by my lavender so it is hard to see the glitter- all the dark lines are glitter.


inventivesoul said...

Making art wands is one of my favorite project themes.

Your's is LOVELY!

Amber Dawn

Laura said...

Ooo La La! What magnificence! I hope you send this in to Stampington! Bravo!

filetta said...

Yes, it's a real picture of the fields of Provance on my realization !! Your wand is absoluty wonderful ! great great idea !!

Dawne said...

gorgeous x