Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girl Time Tidbit #5 Making A Doll's House

This summer I have had the great pleasure of watching myself create as a little girl. What do I mean by that? Keep reading and it will become clear. My daughter was inspired by a book I had purchased for summer reading. A Doll's House by Rumber Godden, this book was the inspiration for a great adventure: she began the wonderful project of building her own doll house.

At first, I began to hear hammering and pounding and all sorts of sound coming from the back porch. I realized that it was my daughter and when asked what she needed a saw for she sweetly replied," Well, to cut the eves for the roof to my doll house." To which I casually answered," Oh but of course, wait...WHAT?"
So, using the time tested tactic of diverting to a higher authority, I sent her on to her Dad, obviously. Tools of that nature are his and permission must come from the top. Being a clever man and knowing his daughter very well, he had the good sense to urge her to unite her efforts and use a much better material for doll houses...cardboard boxes, what a brilliant man!
It was a hard sell, but she complied after working pretty hard and conning her littlest brother into helping, like any good Fore-woman will do, to hold the board she was trying to saw. Finally, she decided that maybe cardboard would be a better option and really, it had already been two days and not much progress had been made on this wonderful design.

That's when it happened for me. Sometimes we forget the simple joys of our childhood. Our memories are clouded with the worry and obligations of adulthood. Then when you least expect it, a memory is triggered and you transport to the recesses of your mind to a place of joy and creativity.

There I was on my four poster bed with scissors, tape, crayons, material scraps, and found treasures, creating and sewing. The autumn sun streaming in the upstairs window of my pink carpeted room. There in that place, wonderful things were imagined and all things were possible. And yes... I was making a doll house!
Mine was smaller in scale and used only one shoebox. I created mine with the opening up so that you looked down into the rooms from the ceiling. I made little towels for the bathroom and use tinfoil for the mirror. There were curtains on every window and a golden bead for the front door handle. I used matchboxes for drawers and spools with a cardboard cut circle glued on top for the kitchen table. It even had a table cloth on it where acorn cap bowls were the table setting. In the living room there were rugs on the floor and chairs made from bottle caps and twisted wire. There was even a fireplace in the corner, which looked more like a bonfire pit than a fireplace, how sweet.

What wonderful things to remember.

I love to see the Lord bring me full circle in that way. Often it happens when I am too serious about things. If you know me well, you know I love a good surprise and this is one that caught me off guard. It warms my insides and makes me smile really big, to know that my daughter is experiencing that wonderful time of life, just like I did, called girlhood.

Father in Heaven, thank you that I have eyes to see your lessons for me. I am so grateful for the pleasures you brought to me as a child. Thank you for reminding me of my girlhood and all its sweetness.
You are a wonder to me Lord, Amen


bee'nme said...

Oh Heather - such sweet memories! Your description of what you created sounds very much like the type of furnishings I made back in the day... How fun!! Your daughter certainly seems to share some of your artistic sensibilities and talents - that's quite a lovely space she has created...and I'm sure she will remember it fondly as we have! Thanks for such a refreshing, sweet post - bless you!

Hugs and Blessings,
Becky S.

Laura said...

You make a delightfully warm home, Annabelle! What joy you've brought to the family with your creativity!
Heather, I love your appreciation of the beautiful little things in life and your depth of thought.
I didn't have a dollhouse as a child and so with my first daughter, we bought a kit. It was so overwhelming with hundreds of pieces that we ended up hiring an old man to make it for us. He loved making dollhouses for a living. We enjoyed hours of decorating and playing house together. Now it sits in the attic, waiting for her to play with her daughter.
Thank you for the joyful memories!
Love you!

Laura said...

I LOVE the fresh fall update to your website! It's warm, welcoming, friendly and country creative, just like you!