Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look What I Won!

Cathy from Victorian Garden Gourmet found my website and left me a wonderful comment. So when I visited her site to reciprocate I found out she has
a monthly give away, isn't that a fun idea!

Here is the sweet tag!

So naturally, I left a comment and sure enough I won! What is so great is what I won. A gift basket sampling of some of her products. I couldn't believe it when it came, it was like getting a Christmas gift in the mail. It came packaged beautifully in a sweet little tin bucket with clear cellophane and a lovely ribbon too. I was so excited that I torn into it before I took any pictures but I am sure you can use your imagination. Here is what I got:

Lavender Sugar, Wedding Soup Mix, Naughty Nancy's Nautical Herbs, and

White Pizza Cheese Spread

Is your mouth watering yet? So, here is a big thank you to Cathy and The Victorian Garden Gourmet, go stop by and see what she has that might tickle your tastebuds!


Alice W. said...

How exciting!!! Looks like lots of great stuff! I actually designed Cathy's website...she is so sweet! Blessings Heather!

Laura said...

Wow! What a great gift! And it looks like it was made just for you! Congrats!