Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Has Been Awhile...

Hi all.
I have been hibernating, anyone else feel this way?
As I grow older it seems I have become keenly aware of how seasonal I am.
Isn't that a funny thing to say?
But it is true.
Wanting to retreat, rejuvenate, heal and stay sheltered.
However, I am sensing the thaws of spring and I am waking with the sunrise. My tender shoots are pushing towards the surface to be nurtured by light and heat. Ahhhh spring....kids breaking free and running around on newly mowed grass. Baby chicks and cherry blossoms, and all the miracles of spring! New life and resurrection.

I love the glow of the sunrise through my porch windows, it has been so warm and cheery the past couple of days! I have gotten out the garden gloves, seed catalogs, I have started weeding the garden and I am starting to plan my garden plots too. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had a slow start to spring. I even began to wonder if we might just skip it altogether this year, but my allergies have told me otherwise!

I have felt the urge to update and spring clean too. So in that tradition, my website will get a bit of rejuvenation soon. I hope you will stop by(come visit at the end of April), if you do leave me a note or comment and tell me what you think of the new look. I am still trying to get things into the attic category or should I say out of the attic for the "attic sale" but that seems to be slow going!
It seems I keep getting pulled into the fresh air of my backyard where the chickens peck and chat with one another and the music of my children giggling reminds me that this is actually where I should be living life. So Blog-land, I am slowing down to a lazy spring breeze...I want to be able to hear the Lord's whisper and feel the gentle rhythm of the season, don't you?

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Laura said...

Hearing the Lord's whisper! A beautiful thought...I must give myself more quiet, slow time so I can listen.

Your words make Spring begin in my mind. What a talented gal you are in so many ways! And what a blessing your talents are to me.