Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Laundry List of Things to Do

Washing day- Our linens on the line

Of all the chores in the universe my downfall is laundry. Anyone with me? It is the last thing I feel like doing, even if it is my own laundry! Yes, I am one of those that waits until I am out of undies...a true confession. My poor family! So, here is the weird part, you are going to die...I love doing laundry in the summer when I can hang it on my clothesline to dry! Super weird huh?

Here is what I think this Heather-ism is all about. I think it comes down to this organic connection with the simpler things in life. Then of course there is doing your laundry outside in the fresh air and sunshine too! Gotta love that! The wonderful smell of linens hung on the line(trust me there is one) and the crisp feel of them too, it really is a simple delight of life. I think my clothes fold easier and into nicely creased folds, ahhhh!
Oh I know what you are thinking...she has got to haul it out there, pin it up, take it down and fold it- how is that simpler? Well it probably isn't, but I can say with all certainty I like it better and I actually DO it! My husband would say it is in the same idiosyncrasy vein as why I have to chew two pieces of gum. Yea, I know super weird!

Here is my two-cents: I think old fashioned clothespins are the best. Stay tuned...I am making a new clothespins pouch too. I will post this soon so you can see. An old-fashion pattern with a new look, I think you will like it!

My clothepins!


chaser of the wind said...

oh mama, you're just too cute!
i definitely agree on the whole not wanting to do laundry (ever)!
but it's got to get done, :).

miss you.

melody said...

oh..i love hangin the laundry outside ~ you go girl! and those old clothes pegs! can't wait to see your bag

Laura said...

I love all your Heatherisms! ... and I can't wait to see the clothes pin bag. I remember my grandmother having one and putting the wash on the line. When it was hot grandpa would pretend to water the yard while my sis and I ran around in our undies and snuck up behind him. Then he'd turn the hose on use and we'd giggle to our hearts content. Sometimes we'd hide behind the sheets on the line, because he'd dare not get grandma's laundry wet!We have an old movie of this that we pull out on Mother's Day!

deb did it said...

oh so lovely. I am also a clothesline fanatic, not only do i use one all year, but I photograph them every where I go. I have several line photos on my blog and am also a member of clotheline and pins Flickr groups! your photo of soft white linens is so very dreamy!