Sunday, May 3, 2009

Snowing in Spring

Our Cherryblossom Tree

We had a glorious day on Friday! The sky was the best color of blue like cornflower blossoms and the sunshine was good medicine for my tired soul. It was so warm and bright, no wonder the bulbs and seedlings reach out for it pushing through the darkness of the earth. I have felt like that lately, reaching out to the light to be warmed and nourished. It is amazing what an afternoon in the sun will do for a busy mama!

I decided since I wasn't feeling well that we could finish up our schoolwork outside on our new homemade picnic table. The sunshine and fresh air would do us some good! Something about a change of venue and the promise of being outside more often, was a great remedy for our lack of
enthusiasm towards school.

The breeze was balmy and so relaxing. To our delight as it blew through the boughs of our cherry tree it took with it, its billowy, soft-white, petals and then dropped them all around us. My youngest, with awe in his little boy voice said,

" Look Mama! Its snowing..."