Monday, August 31, 2009

Doing Hard Things

Oh am I being stubborn!

Not the kind of stubborn you are when you are right and someone else is wrong, its the kind of stubborn born from not wanting to plunge into something you need to do. Some call it procrastination. For me, this type of stubborn is formed from the later and therefore, it is an attitude of the heart.

Yea, I know not so good.

Usually, I love a challenge and I am anxious to try new things but, I am not feeling that way about some new things on my horizon...isn't that strange? I wonder where this is coming from? I have a feeling it is a sense of having to give up other things in order to do something I know is important. Perhaps it means rearranging my priorities to serve others for awhile.

So in other words it comes from the desire to serve self first....ohhhh.

Boy is that disappointing. You know, when you do "the-reflective-inward-look" and it isn't so pretty. The whole dying to self thing is a tough one in the life of this Christian. It is times like this that I am grateful for the loving grace of Jesus. I am glad that He is the bearings by which I can reset the compass of my life to when I get off course.

Well, this home school year is looking to be a great challenge for me. I have 2 middle-schoolers this year and the challenge comes in the form of Latin, Classical Writing, and Formal Logic. Yes, I know isn't that crazy? Would you want to dive right in? I didn't think so...see what I mean?

The upside to these classes is that I will get all the knowledge and skill as a by-product from teaching these things to my children. The bonus of homeschooling! Not so convincing is it....

So say a prayer for me this year, as I dive into these challenging subjects. We will all have our noses in the books of great writers and philosophers from ancient times. I am sure the Lord will bless the effort and we will learn wonderful things from our journey through time. I know I will enjoy following the golden thread of providence God has woven in the tapestry throughout all of history.

Lord, you know my heart... I pray that I would give my selfish desires a rest and give them over to you. Bless our efforts to study new and exciting things even when I fail to be obedient and humble, use these lessons and this homeschooling time for your glory and our refinement, especially mine. Amen


Laura said...

Your heart is gallant and brave, Heather! I admire your homeschooling all three of your children, especially as they mature into higher learning! You're amazing and I know you are all going to travel in your minds to new exciting places that will forever engrave wonders on your hearts!

Love to you all!

Laura said...

I just found your library. How cool is that! Great books!

Lovely Linda said...

Hello Heather - what an amazing journey you are about to embark upon - I will be following closely on your Blog. It takes s apecial person to undertake such a role! God will lead you and bless you and your family as you venture forth!! Go with God!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! God bless you!

Anonymous said...