Monday, March 15, 2010

Wee Little Spring Basket For Easter -Instructions

Happy Spring everyone! As promised the recipe how to's for my Wee Little Spring Basket.
This isn't a traditional tutorial with all the photos but more of all the instructions and supplies needed to make your own.
Let's get started! Yippee are you skipping with glee?

Here is what you will need:
  • Sm. Peet pots from your local nursery or garden shop
  • Robin Egg blue crepe paper Opaque Shrink Plastic
  • Mocha Brown Chalk Ink
  • Layers of Color Vintage Rose and Acanthus Leaves Stamp Set
  • Silver German Scrap
  • Teal blue Binding tape
  • 5 in. your favorite robin egg blue wired ribbon
  • Embossed wallpaper
  • Robin Egg blue paint
  • Brown paint
  • Teal blue watercolor pencil or other coloring medium
  • Glue
  • teal glitter glue
  • sm. hole puncher
  • Something for the handle-I used bark covered wire- I know way cool stuff!
Step1: You will want to stamp image onto shrink plastic with brown chalk ink. At this step you could also color in the image as you please. I just left it plain-jane. Then shrink according to shrink plastic directions.

Step2: Using your embossed wallpaper cover the peet pot. Do this to your liking. I lined mine up at the top and then wrapped the paper around the pot, glued it. Then I took scissors and cut slits around the bottom and folded tabs towards the middle of bottom and glued down.

Step3: Make a paint wash by using a small amount of paint and double or triple the amount of water. Paint evenly over pot, then with paper towel dab off the excess so that the paint stays in the crevices but not on the raised portions. Let dry. Do the same with a wee bit of brown paint but, water down even more, so it is more like a stain. Repeat process to your liking.

Step4: Make bottom of pot by taking several layers of crepe paper(I used 5) and cut a circle at least 3/4 in. larger than the pot bottom. Staple together then make small cuts all around the outside of your pot. glue to the bottom. Ruffle and poof to your liking.

Step5: Make a rosette from your ribbon by pulling one side of ribbon wire tight, then glue seam to fully encircle. Glue shrink plastic roses to ribbon

Step6: Attach your German scrap trim to the top edge of pot and punch holes for handle.

Step7: Make a fringe fan with crepe paper and glue to the inside of pot where you want your rosette to go. Attach cut out of colored and glittered Acanthus Leaves on the diagonal as a back drop to your Rose vignette.

Step 8: Glue Rose vignette to front of your pot. Next attach handle and tie with binding tape.

Voila a wonderful Wee Little Spring basket to fill with goodies to give to a friend or to celebrate Easter!


Laura - Layers of Color said...

A wonderful wee little wonder! I Wuv it!
(That's Easter bunny speak)LOL!

Lovely Linda said...

HI Heather - this is just adorable - I love this basket, your work is so pretty and always inspirational! I am sure this will be treasured not just for what it holds, but the 'work of the heart' it is! Fabulous Heather! God bless you my friend
Linda LOC Design Team

Christopher said...

Holy Cow this is breath taking!!! I am on love. Girl you have such a gift from God!!!

Jess Matthews

Laura - Layers of Color said...

Congratulations on your Guest Designer feature on SSCC!

I'm honored to be the most fortunate gal in the world to actually own that marvelous work of art! It's proudly displayed under large glass dome in my studio where I can be amazed by it everyday! I love how it reminds me of you, your talents, and our special friendship!

Love you sister!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Heather!!
Not sure where I came from...I mean how I got here...ummm that doesn't quite sound right either..well here I am and I like your blog and I have become a follower as well! It seems Easter lives here on your blog..Lol..and you are very talented and I look forward to dropping in to visit again!!
Bunny Hugs, Susan