Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy Baking in the Studio

Look at these lovely paper confections I have been cooking up! This is what I have been baking up in the studio, as I get ready to start baking a delicious sweet for the LOC cake decorating party. This is sure to be an inspiring event. There will be 22 paper craft artists and card makers contributing their best recipes! I hope you will come and check out the blog hop and feast your eyes on all kinds of wonderful calorie free cakes and cupcakes.

Here is a bit of a peek to see what I am doing. Are you curious?


Lovely Linda said...

Ohhhhh Heather - you know how to tease with these YUMBLY morsels! I am loving what I am seeing and will be back for more 'taste testing!' Gorgeousness already my friend - looking forward to the next stage of your culinary delight! Thanks for sharing - YUMBLY! {{{hugs}}}

MaxineD said...

Hmmm - that looks yummy - and as though your recipe book reads differently to mine :-) - as it ought as we are made each one unique :-)

Jessica said...

Can't wait, Heather! Love your flowers!

Grace said...

Ooooh Heather... this is simply luscious looking! Can't wait for all these calorie free yummy treats we're all cooking up!!! Loving this sneak peek!