Friday, February 24, 2012

Bee Keeping and Honey Eating

Oh I can't wait! Bee keeping and honey eating. I have wanted to keep bees for about 5 years but my adventure was always met with apathy from those closest to me. It is hard to pursue a dream if everyone around you is poo-poo-ing it. But, I have finally won over my best friend, my husband. And together we are going to keep these amazing, busy, little creatures.

Just last week we picked up our hive kits and soon we will begin the adventure of building our hives. Our bees are due to arrive around the end of March so we had better get cracking!

I already have a hive design in mind. Now, if they are going to be in our yard they will be wonderful to look at. Our bee keeping teacher just smiles at me every time I tell him that they have to be pretty. I envision copper trim and a tin tile roof with periwinkle blue and cornflower blue paint. When they are done I will post a picture. For now I continue to dream...

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Monica said...

Hello Heather!
Many thanks for popping by and taking the time to leave a lovely note!
I have zero knowledge of bees, but wow, it sounds wonderful! Having your own honey then, mmm, such a treat!
Hope your dreams come true!