Saturday, September 1, 2007

Boyhood to Manhood, Already?

It happened again! This is some joke, not both boys in the same month. I know... so dramatic. There is some part of me that really feels like that though. Yesterday, I took my oldest son Jacob into the doctor for an annual exam. Im particularly sensitive to this with Jacob because he was born with two congenital heart defects both of which the Lord has used for His glory and healed, but Im still an overly protective mom!

Jacob most politely asked me not to be in the room, which was new, but, after all he is 11 yrs old. So I respected that. I really like our Pediatrian, and upon my return to the exam room, he promptly told me that Jacob has begun the ascention into adolescence. He added that this will be a year for "many changes". What ?? You mean THE changes?

I'm not writing this to document the day, time, and month my son hit puberty but, rather how my mother's heart felt that evening, when my husband said, "Well, Jacob you are not a little boy anymore."

Those words just sucked my breath away and my eyes welled with tears. Jacob said so gently, "Oh mom don't cry." but I couldn't help it. There is more to it for me then just a growth spurt.

Each milestone with Jacob brings me a renewed sense of God's awesome love for me and how he spared Jacobs life and healed him. What a powerful thing. Let me say that again WHAT A POWERFUL THING! The acknowlegdement and participation in a miracle, to be invloved personally in the tangible manifestation of God's desire and love for our Jacob. Yes, powerful!

Mind you, I do understand that God healed Jacob, so that Jacob could do mighty things and bring God glory. Nonetheless, that one event has affected my life profoundly, so much so, that I dedicated my heart to Jesus and claimed Him as Lord of my life at 27 yrs old on July 13,1995!

So, I take a moment to acknowledge the One who created me and my son, so that I will never forget where I have come from, I don't want to forget my own healing.

Remembering our jouney is important, it gives us perspective and illuminates the path forward. Oh, I was such a sinner! But God sheds His grace on me and reminds me that I serve a powerful Creator. I thank you Lord that you are with me always even in these milestones of transition from boyhood into manhood.

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