Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh, You're a Big Boy Now!

Oh how today is bittersweet for me. I was awaken at 4am this morning by a wee small voice in the dark, "Mommy, look my tooth fell out. See?"
All I managed to say in my sleepiness was," Oh you are such a big boy now." In the darkness of my room I could make out the proud grin, minus one tooth of my sweet five year old, Josiah.

My next thought was "Lord it is slipping by so quickly. How is that possible? Im not ready." I know that sounds selfish. Josiah is the last of four and I have to admit with every mile stone of maturity he hits I seem to long for the days of babyhood. At the same time I love this season I'm in with Josiah. Life is still an adventure of discovery and wonder. New things to laugh at and learn about, it really is so sweet.

Try as he might though, Josiah could not keep his tongue from twisting and twirling in the handsome gap where his tooth used to be. I smile as I think about it even now. The fun of childhood. The pride and embarassment of a new smile.

Another milestone, we finished our first reading book today in homeschool. What excitement and energy were felt by all, as Josida shut the book and I handed him the little certificate I copied from the back of the book. Like magic he sat a little taller and pride filled his lovely little boy face.

I have such and inner desire to capture every moment and not forget a single thing. I love seeing growth and application of lessons we have taught... reading, I can't believe it. I so enjoy seeing how God is growing our children... wow! one less tooth. What a priveldge and high calling the Lord has given us. I pray that when the time comes someday, I will with confidence, and joy be able to say now is the time to fly you are no longer momma's little bird.."you are such a big boy".

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