Saturday, September 1, 2007

What Have You Accomplished Today?

I am coming off of nearly a month of being sick- yes really sick with upper respitory stuff- anyway, and I am not a very good patient and tend to get a wee bit depressed about life in general. So amid laundry up to my armpits and a household that needs to desperatley be decluttered and perdged of un-necessaries.

I start to feel my insecurites surmount and take hold and block out the truth of who I am in Christ Jesus.Then it dawns on me - through the Holy Spirit of course, I need to stop thinking about the huge list of things that has to be accomplished before the beginning of school and start inventorying the things that I have accomplished this summer. A grin forms on my face and my perspective changes!

How fun it will be to start and add to a victory list, a list of accomplishments a lot like my gratitude list but that is for another entry. This is not so that I can gloat on what a fabulous wife/mom/friend/ daughter etc. I am, oh please, but a springboard to encourage myself when things feel insurmountable- which for me happens frequently- can we say daily!

A friendly reminder of little things- grocery shopping or phone call to a friend. Often there are things in life that we do everyday, I call them the "daily grind" and Im not talking coffee! These things are not looked at as anything special but, actually they are. Many people don't get to call a friend because they are alone. Some don't go grocery shopping because there is no such thing as a grocery store. You get the picture.I might be full of optimism at this point in time but hey if this God given revelation gets me that closer to caring for my family and being a better wife/mom/friend/ daughter then it is worth a shot. As my husband says, "It's better than a poke in the eye!" I'll say! So... what have you accomplished today?

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