Saturday, September 1, 2007

Orange Sky Morning

I awoke to serenity. The quiet stillness took my breath away and I sat and savored the pristine icy morning. Last night it snowed. This time of the morning, it is my favorite, when the morning is still muted to the sounds of the day and the quietness is comforting.

I looked out the window at my garden. I have sure enjoyed admiring her in each season. This morning I was given such a gift. The snowed had fallen like icing on the trellis above my roses. It reminded me of gingerbread icing or pie crust edging, I have never seen anything like it before.

Soon I heard the gasp of my youngest, Josiah. In his sleepy voice he said, "Mommy look, it snowed! Oh, there is so much of it too! You know, I always know when it snowed because the sky is always orannge in the morning." I pondered his lovely interrpretation of the scene and then smiled realizing that he is quite an expert since he has only seen the snow twice in his five years of life.

The rest of my clan is stirring and I can hear the rumblings of excitmennt as they too, discover the snow. It reminds me of the unexpected joy of cancelled school days and making snowmen from my girlhood. What a simple pleasure.

Jacob is making plans to plow his remote control car through the treacherous drifts. Annabelle and Josiah are thinking of making a snowman. He should be a nice stout one this year. Gina is relieved that high school is cancelled and her speech postponed. And my husband can't believe how much snow is covering the ground. He keeps repeating "The last time it snowed this much I had to dig out the car and put chains on so I could get your mother to the hospital." That was the winter Annabelle was born and I had to get my appendix out.

As for me, I am happy. I'm filled with contentment, knowing this will not be an ordinary day and there will not be homeschool... well, maybe only for a little while as we wait for Uncle Trevor and the boys to come over and go sledding with us. "Thank you Lord for this morning with the orange sky..."

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