Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our Lavender Harvest

The balmy evenings of summertime. I love this time of the day when twilight seems to creep across the sky and things take on a softer hue. This is also the time when we harvest our Lavender.

Last night the kids and I sat on the swing and prepared the lavender for drying. I cut and brought the gathering baskets full of heavenly little purple flowers to the porch swing where my little assembly team got started. Josiah bundled, I rubberebanded, and Annabelle hung them up to dry. What a delight to work along side of my children as we chatted about the day! I enjoy teaching them in this gentle way, by doing and being together.

I have always enjoyed the process of harvesting natures bounty and this evening was no exception! I forget with the activity of the other season just how enjoyable this task is for me. This year I have created an offical place to hang and dry all the lavender so that we can use it in this years products and kits.

I love to look at the bundles hanging in a row. We got a good start this evening and will do this each evening until it is finished. When we were all done Annabelle gathered all the leftovers that were too short to bundle and hang and made sweet little tussie mussies. First she rubber banded the wee bundle and then trimmed the ends even. Next she raided my ribbon stash and then tied her bundle up with a simple bow. Then she got a small white paper doilly for the finishing touch, so lovely! She even made a mini version for her doll.

I will look forward to tomorrow evening when twilight comes again and the smell of pungent purple tickles our noses.

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