Monday, October 22, 2007

An Acknowledgement Bow

Do you ever have those days where there are so many good things happening around you that it seems unbelieveable to feel so much joy all at the same time? Now, I am not talking about the first kiss feeling or got my first job feeling or I can't believe we are looking at our first child feeling. These too, are on the top ten list of greatest feelings ever... however, I'm talking about the joy that comes from tangible blessings from God. In many ways it is a cousin to humility, how is it possible to recieve such a gift? But, is is also coupled with that giddy, bubbling happiness from deep within that makes you jump up and down and do a victory dance in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. I have had one of those expereinces this month and I am still reveling in the golden light and warmth that it brings me. God you are so good!

Now, sometimes when a blessing of this sort comes it comes quickly and unexpected and others times it is after a long drawn out journey of strain, gripping frustration and lots of questions. What do you do with a blessing that comes after hard work or patient waiting? It is easy for us to do the victory dance of unexpected surprise! Someone lets you go in front of them at the grocer because you only have 3 itmes in your hands. Or the bank made a mistake in your deposite and you actually have more money. Or your pregnant with your fourth baby and you didn't think it possible especially after you got your tubes tied. (now that's what I call unexpected surprise!)

How about getting custody of your children after a divorce, or the healing of cancer in a child, or righteous justice of an offense done to you. These are the fighting and waiting types of blessings. What do you do next? Do you give yourself a pat on the back or give the victory back to God? Do you take a bow of acknowledgement because you are so amazing or do you take an acknowlegdement bow in amazement to the one who deserves your praise. I would bet that if we did the later the lasting effects of the blessing would multiply.

Why? Because we recognize that the God and Maker of the universe has touched us at that moment in a unique and special way. Working all things out for good to the glory of those who are in Christ Jesus. That God rather than ourselves is responsible and in doing so, we grow and change from the inside out. Our hearts are molded more into the likeness of our Maker. We are one step closer to that holiness that we are striving for and one step further from the fall of sin. Now that is what I call a blessing.

Does your acknowledgement bow point others to Christ? Or does it cause another to stumble, sin and rely on self? Do you share your blessings with others or hoard them for yourself? I call it the ripple affect, what is your ripple affect like?

Take it from me, a sinner redeemed by God's grace, it is so much more joyful to take an acknowledgement bow to gloriy God for what HE has done in your life, than to take the bow of acknowledgement to glorify yourself! And, the ripple affect of God working through you is like the surge of a wave, not a ripple. It's affects are eternal in the heart of mankind!

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Ali said...

Wow, that was really special hon. SO enjoyed reading it and what a lovely reminder of the Goodness of our wonderful creator. May He continue to bless you as you allow your life to glorify Him. Blessings my friend, Ali. oxoxo