Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gingerbread Project For Girls of All Ages

I'm am so excited to introduce my newest project for girls of all ages! This is the first project kit in
The Gingerbread Collection: Ginger and Lil' Spice Doll Apron.
Isn't she so cute! I just love her, and my hope is that this project will teach hand sewing skills, beginning applique, and following and using a pattern.

Included are questions to be discussed with one another as you learn a new skill and grow in spirit too. My hearts desire for all my projet kits (yes there are otherson my website read on!) is that they will provide a springboard for mothers and daughters, women, young and old, a time to share and shape this special relationship as you work along side one another.

Each kit provides all that is needed to complete the project except for a few misc. tools like scissors or fabric glue. The project kits have instructions and modifications to accomadate a wide range of ages. Additional supply kits are avaialbe if you have more than one child you are working with. My heart has been to encourage women in their relationships with one another, as well as to teach the wonderful timeless skills of hand sewing and crafting.
Here is my heartfelt plea as a business woman- if you like what is pictured here, please take the opportunity to support me, my family and my business by purchasing these projects. These projects designs are copywrited and lots of love and hardwork goes into each and every self-published, cottage industry product I make. It would mean so much to me as an artist, designer and business woman if this was respected. Besides they are so affordable how can you not? Thanks!

OK with that said, if you are intrested in this project kit stop by my website http://www.thepatchworkheart.com/ and look under projects for girls of all ages and you will see lots of wonderful goodies to foster your relationships with the girls in your life. I welcome your comment too.

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Barb said...

I'm so glad you send me emails about your new projects.
I hope others appreciate the time that goes into making patterns and kits and will respect that.
I am a crafter and seller of goods, so I understand.
God Bless you as you use your talents to serve Him.
Barbara Jean