Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Art- An Expression of Praise to My Savior

I have never really thought of myself as an artist especially in the classical sense. My mother and step-mother are classical artists. But I have been exploring expression through creative avenues other than design and fabric and I have really enjoyed myself. And isn't that art?

What is even more exciting is that I am finding and connecting with others who are artists too and want to use their God given talents as an expression of praise to our Lord, isn't that wonderful? This discovery has opened to me a whole new way of expressing myself spiritually, as well as, witnessing God's great love for us.

I hope you will see God's hand in my work as I process through what words can't express. Sometimes I can't find words to express what the Spirit of God is teaching me on the inside but it comes forth as a picture in my minds eye.

Another Artist, her name escapes me said, " Dreams are in black and white but visions come in color" I love that and often that is what happens to me.

Here are some examples of art swaps I have been involves with. This was a christmas ornament swap where we used a matchbox. I included on the inside the verse from Isaiah that talks about His name shall be called Immanuel, God with us. On the front is a winged heart with a crown and it says Immanuel below it.

The altered book was done for a dear friend as a personal swap with each other. It is a name book and each page represents a letter of our name and all the things we love and that represent who we are. This was very personal and a true treasure to each of us.

Each page included a bible verse and also one letter of our name. I really enjoyed making this for my friend. I hope you ejoyed my artwork. More to come as it is expressed.


Once Upon a Cottage said...

You definitely have an artist's eye. Beautiful creations! I also see my art as an expression of Praise to the Lord! Keep on creating and giving Glory to God!

In Christ

Alice W. said...

Love that altered book! So stunning!