Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let Me Introduce You To...

Recently, in my efforts to be creative about circulating my site and getting the word out about what I am doing I decided that it would be fun to introduce you to others who are doing what I am and they, in return are doing the same for me. Hopefully, this will allow both the opportunity to be introduced to other circles of friends increasing our opportunities, a glorified link, if you will.

This is exciting because I think this gal is wonderful! I decided to start with Ali Regan, my friend from Australia! I call her my computer gal isn't she so cute! She is the one who helped me design my website and get it up and running, so with out her I would still be lost in the land of HTML somewhere.
The wonderful thing about Ali is that she is multi- talented. She can use both sides of her brain which I marvel at. Not only does she do websites and speak HTML, she is also creative and owns her own Shabby Chic online boutique. I just love her sense of style vintage, fresh, very girly, all the things I love! She started her business by designing shabby chic cards and stationary and now look at her.

She is also a mom of 3 little ones and like myself is trying to figure out the challenge of balancing family and home life with the outside world of online business. Ali is very open and upfront about her priorities (wife and mother first) which I find refreshing in the crazy world of cyberspace. I really admire her priorities! She seeks to glorify Jesus in her life too which is something else we have in common. It is nice to know I have a sister in Christ in the "Land Down Under!" She has a great eye for all things beautiful and a keen business sense. I have asked her on more that one occassion for her take on business.

Her new adventure is her online boutique Miss Ali's. You will die at the one-of-kind items she has by fellow artisan Melissa(at left). She also had a blog and you will enjoy seeing and hearing about her life and what she is passionate about. She is humble about her writing, but I love the way she brings you into her world. Check out her website and let her know what you think and tell her I sent you. Women supporting women! I love that don't you!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

It's so nice to meet you. I came by way of Ali!

Ali said...

Oh precious girl you are too kind lol. thanks so much for such a glowing reference. Hope you get some more visitors stopping by now and I will add your blog to my favourites too. oxox take care sweety and thanks again for such a great idea. ox Ali

CresceNet said...

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