Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

I tend to be a sentimental heart. So, when I tell you that I said goodbye to a bush please give me some grace and read on I think you will be able to relate to my sentiment, especially, if you are a lavender lover like myself.

It was a beautiful winter day today, the dappled sunlight falling on the frosted lawn in the back yard. It was the kind of day that makes you want to break out and do something vigorous to shake off the pudgy winter blahs, the kind of day where the air is bitey colds and the kids still want to go outside without a coat on because "do I have to...?the sun is out mom".
It was also a sad day for I labored over and pulled out the old lady lavender bush in the garden. She was the beauty of my garden and always receive an unsolicited sigh of admiration from visitors, gardeners or not. Old Lady Lavender was my very first Mother's day gift from my husband David. I know it seems silly that I call her Old Lady Lavender but she was a gracious friend to me and taught me many things about my garden in the early years.

The act of pulling and breaking was both invigorating and anguishng. The cold air rushed about me, making me move and work quickly to stay warm yet, as I would pause the saddness would resonate in my muscles as ache. Oh, how I wish I didn't have to give her up to make room for another.

I felt like I was saying goodbye to and dear faithful friend, actually... I was! This friend blessed me every summer with heavenly scent that permiated my senses and reminded me of my grandmother Mimi. Her display of lovely misty purple was such a sight to see especially at sunset. I love the sweet and dilligent hum of the honey bees who frequented there, no doubt someone enjoyed the lavender honey harvested from this hardy gal. The bees like to come in the dusk of the day just as the light would fall into evening and whisper that the rythmn of the twilight was upon us. And most evenings I would find all my bee friends intoxicated with the fragrance and napping on Old Lady Lavender's leaves. All the pungent filled buds that I harvested , dried and used in my crafts and our soothing pilows. These still warm us with yummy healing fragrance and comfort even today.

Thank you Old Lavender Lady. I will miss you , faithful friend.

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