Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thinkin' Pink

I have done something I have never done before, yes it seems rather silly, maybe even a bit on the ridiculous that I have not done this sooner. I am fighting against breast cancer with my art. No, I don't have cancer... but I do know those who have fought this battle like a mighty warrior and I grieve their loss and celebrate their victory simply because I am a woman.

What a priviledge to participate in such an amazing collaborative project. What is this artist effort you ask? It is call The Pink Artist project and it is being hosted by Monica Magness. She is the woman with the vision and what a great vision it is!
Create a 2x2 in. fabric art square. Over 150 artist are participating at this jucture. She will take all the entries and she will handsew all the squares onto a doll form she has created. Once the doll is created she will submitt it to Somersets Doll Quarterly, an art magazine devoted to doll artists. After the article runs then the doll will put up for auction and the proceeds will be sent to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and use my giftings to fight a good fight! This project has helped me to remember and pray for those who fight on all levels, research, doctors, patients, families and friends. I wanted to join other artists to fight, support, love, bring corage and inspire those who know this stranger, breast cancer.

This is a picture of the square I submitted. I would like to encourage you to visit the site but also get involved.

I used lots of symbolism in this little 2x2 in square and I wanted to share its meaning.

The heart represents the place in all of us where hope resides. It also represents my personal story of healing and spiritual re-birth.

The gold seed beads are the preciousness of life, each one of us is a priceless gem.
Orange/fuchsia fibers are the flames of hope for a cure and the joy of a life lived to the fullest!
The wings symbolize freedom in life or in death.
The pink silk dupioni represents the beauty found in the heart of every woman no matter how bald she is!
And last but not least the antique charm on the heart is a shield of faith, the armor a true warrior can not live without.
2x2 in. to speak about life... the life lost. The life of a survivor. The life of a woman. How is that possible? It isn't. What is possible is to say something with a bunch of 2x2 in. squares! A musical note is just a note until it is united with other notes, then it becomes a symphony. We, as women throughout history, have shaken kingdoms, changed hearts, promoted peace, fought injustice, made discoveries, pioneered adventure and set out minds on the stars. We are limitless in desire, intellgence, imagination, and perserverance. We will not let this disease set our limits.


Norma said...

Lovely work and lovely meanings behind each element of the piece.

Anonymous said...

Your work is exquisite and your life and your business inspire me to the depths of my aware that some folks may react negatively to funds being raised for the Susan Komen foundation...they have done many fine things but also gave 475,000 dollars to Planned Parenthood (an abortion provider) last fiscal year.Google Susan G. Komen Planned Parenthood for more details...may your work continue to bless the world.....

Laura said...

Oh, it's a beautiful heart!... created with love for a great cause. I love the symbolism, very poetic and touching.

Linda said...

Heather...this is gorgeous! I have had that link up on my blog for some time so that I won't forget to make a square. Maybe I will get that done today after seeing yours I'm realllllllly inspired.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heath,

This is particularly meaningful and personal since we lost Irene last year after a brutal fight with breast cancer. You truly are a blessing my dear inspiring friend!