Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girl Time Tidbit #6- Harvest Time Cider

I wanted to share a harvest season recipe that can be used right through Thanksgiving or until you bring out the Egg Nog. I have given this recipe to my daughters to put into their very own recipe notebooks. What is a recipe notebook you ask? There is an article in the latest Girlhood Home Companion click here to go to The Patchwork Heart, Co. find out more about this. This can be any kind of note book, but of course, we have made ours special by creating a unique cover and then using that theme design throughout the rest of the notebook. We collect recipes, projects and tips that sound wonderful to us and put them into our notebook.

I started these when the girls were around 9 or 10 as they developed an interest in cooking and baking. We started with baking skills since making treats is so much fun especially since you get to lick the beater on the Kitchenaid mixer. We then moved into other cooking, for example, dishes for everyday meals. Now we are into meal preparation. It has been such a joy to watch my youngest, especially, enjoy this skill and learn it well.

From our home to yours here is our wonderful recipe for:

Harvest Time Cider

Apple juice or Apple cider whichever you prefer
Good Earth brand Tea or other cinnamon flavored tea
1 Whole orange- sliced in rings

In a sauce pot combine 1 cup of cider for every person you will be serving and 2 tea bags, for every 4 servings. If you are making 8 servings then use 4 tea bags and so on. Bring to a simmer until tea has seeped 3-5 min. Then slice up your orange into rings and add to your cider and heat through. We like this cider hot but you can also serve it cold. However, you must heat all ingredients together first and then chill and serve. Cuddle up by the fire and enjoy!

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