Friday, November 7, 2008

Live Laugh and Love

This is what I have been creating for our women's retreat. I was inspired after a bout of migraines. It was nice to feel better and be able to really live out these 3 little words. Live Laugh and Love. I hope that you will do them with abandon this week!

I use wallpaper samples along with old text pages from old books. I use black ink and Layer of Color Stamps, and of course the peace de resistance: gold glitter!

These are little favors to give to each woman when she arrives. Our crafts and activities will both incorporate these design ideas and color scheme. Look out ladies we are going to live laugh and love a ton at this retreat!


Laura said...

These are stunning, Heather! I love how your heart goes into every work of art from your talented hands!

melody said...

those are gorgeous heather. and wuv'n those stamps. beautiful work chickie!