Monday, December 22, 2008

G is for...Gingerbread & Girlhood Tidbits #8

Our two little cottages aren't they inviting?

I thought I would share the latest happenings in my cozy little home by the sea! We have been baking treats, and building gingerbread houses! This year we made two. One for our family to eventually eat and one to give away. Grandma gets the second one this year. What a great time we had, even mywonderful husband got into the spirit of things and helped. He is really good at the construction part and the patience part!

Here are some tips to remember if you decide to try it.

Tip #1:We took two days to build ours, I was glad we didn't rush it. This gave us really solid gingerbread cottages to decorate too.

Tip #2:We used edible frosting from the grocery store for sticking on the decorations. This was much quicker and easier for the chilren to use, plus we can eat it when we are ready to.

Tip #3: We used something pretty for presentation. At our house it is my grandmother's milk glass cake pedastal.

Tip #4: Have fun and enjoy the process!

Who is that behind the cottage, a little elf perhaps?

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy

Bundled up Snowmen out of gumballs~I have clever kids!

Many hands make light work...and yummy gingerbread cottages!

Welcome Home!


chaser of the wind said...

i hope you didn't eat it yet!
i want some!
i really cannot wait to see you all.
Christmas is going to be wonderful.
i love you mama!

melody zahara said... that looks YUMMY DELICIOUS! beautiful! wishing you and your family a very merry christmas