Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Art & The Dicken's Festival

Victorian Paper Ornament Pendant with antique tinsel

I have been working like a little elf in my workshop, I tell ya! I am getting ready to sell my wares at a local fair called The Dicken's Festival. I am looking forward to being transported back in time to early 19th century England.

Of course, it is all things Christmas Carol, Tiny Tim and Oliver.

I will be selling my ribbon flowers and Victorian paper ornaments and a few other Victorian things at Oliver's Place. I do believe there will be plenty of merry making on the Queen's Stage along with carriage rides and roaming carolers. The Bobbies will be there seeking out those who belong in the debtors prison, who knows what you will have to do to get out?

There will even be High Tea!
Should be a jolly good time don't you think?

Victorian Paper Cone Ornaments~ Patchwork Heart, Co. Style

Little envelopes with a spot of tea and chocolate~Great for any Gift Card!

Click here for more information. I can't wait....I have even been practicing my bloody British accent...Cheery oh!


Laura said...

Quite a lovely event, indeed Madame! I'm sure your pretties will be a show stopper! Wish I could join you, have a dickens of a time lassie!

melody said...

WOWZA ..yummy stuff chickie! i'm totally lovin your creations..especially that cone! beautiful work!

sherresartmusings said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

Linniepink said...

i live in merry old england and your work makes even me want to live there..hope you have a fantastic time and sell lots they are truly lovely craft markets all over England will be festive this week and we sure have the weather for it
a proud yorkshire woman

Linniepink said...

so glad you had a fab dickensian weekend..i love the old traditions and i love your work..hope you enjoyed your high tea.. we love to have yorkshire tea in the little tea rooms we have in our part of Merry Old england..i visit a place in the Yorkshire dales and the cakes are yummy scrummy..

Dianne Adams said...

These are just perfect! I wish the season could last longer...

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.