Friday, January 2, 2009

Simple Beauty ~ 2009

I have been staying indoors and slowing down lately, due to an abundance of snow in our area. I was looking at this bright red Amaryllis flower that was given to me by one of my dearest friends, and it got me thinking about growth. Such beauty growing while the world is frigid and dark. How does it know that it is safe to grow and break out of the norm? What causes the roots to reach deep and the stem to soar? How do the petals get so red and know when to open it's opulence? Mysterious...what a wonder!
It got me to thinking about my own growth? An Amaryllis is unique because man takes steps to "force" it to grow...intentionally. Rather than waiting for nature to take its course in due season. Do I "force" myself to grow intentionally? Do I stretch my roots deeper to steady myself? Do I reach and challenge myself to do something different, break through life's hard, dark, wet soil?

Sometimes I think I achieve this and other times I feel lost and throttled by the winds of life. I don't want the later to be the norm for my life, maybe the exception. So, how can I nurture a life of beauty and opulence that I see in the Amaryllis?

God is the ultimate gardener and He will be the one to "force" this life into growth. I am grateful I can be tethered to His stake and lean on Him. For me, this new year will bring nurturing, breaking new ground, pushing past obstacles, and reaching high, all with a spirit of intention! I will yield to the hands of the gardener as well and,
I might even... wear more red!


teresa said...

You have a beautiful blog and what a pretty flower. You may request a free dvd or mp3 from our assembly at address on this website.

Laura said...

Your deep spiritual thinking and poetic voice is as beautiful as the red bloom! I really enjoy your sharing.

Hope creativity is growing at your house.

Love ya!