Saturday, January 17, 2009

Old World Meets My World

I have been dying to have a chandelier. Not just any chandelier but an antique one, with Fleur de lis and crystal drops and etched metal with lots of patina... yes the expensive kind. Well, I'm just to thrifty for that, must be my Scottish heritage showing. They are seriously hard to come by unless, you want to pay out the wazoo for one, which I don't... So I decided to try my hand at making a paper replica to tide me over till the day I discover "the one" under a bunch of junk at a garage sale.

Here is what I get to enjoy in the mean time. I used Layer of Colors new stamp line called Old World Flourish. Laura also has other new and wonderful stamps sets to choose from and tons of great ideas and inspirations to get you started on your own valentines go check it out!

For my Old World Flourish Chandelier I used the colors in my studio and lots of glitter and crystal-like beads. It hangs from a sheer ribbon right over my desk by my computer and brightens my day.


Laura said...

Your talent shines through this glowing work of art! Wow, I LOVE your spectacular chandelier! It's much more of a treasure than some one-of-a-zillion-metal-thingy.

Beautifully done, Heather!!

Karen Owen said...

Heather, you are a paper engineering genius! What a gorgeous chandelier!

melody said...

wow ~ that is absolutely gorgeous heather!

Nancy said...

Oh Heather, I love this chandelier! I also have written for Jill...I am taking your Hankie Tussie Mussie to a group of 20 girls and having them make them for Mother's Day. In the meantime, I would love to have a template of how to make this chandelier to also share with my daughters and granddaughters for them to make and keep in their rooms.