Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Blessings in Small Sweet Packages

I have been maneuvering past lots of life bumps and emotional potholes on my path recently. Lately, it seems like the weight is draining my joy. I hate it when that happens! I write this with a bit of tongue and cheek in mind but, I really do hate it when I lose my handhold on joy! I find it most irritating because I am a fun loving creature by nature. I just am not me without it.
But grace is new every morning and this morning was no exception. I woke rested, physically refreshed and ready for the day, this was
Big Blessing numeral uno!
As I went about my day I had clarity of thought, and diligence in action. It was a good day of tying up loose ends and accomplishments. Out of the corner of my eyes I kept getting glimpses of two little impish elves(two of my kids) flittering about the house.
What were they up to?
Oh ...stay on task, Heather.
Stay focused.
Pretty soon, as I came into the kitchen I noticed this on the counter:
Big Blessing #2

Then a sweet little boy of mine told me with a twinkle of delight, to check in my bedroom, "there was something on my bed!" Well, that's strange because I hadn't made my bed yet. And this is what I found on my bed:
Big Blessing #3
Sometimes God sends me small sweet packages filled with Big Blessings. Tiny collections of trinkets, little bits and pieces of love tied with ric rac.

This was one of those days where my children were the bearers of God's kindness, the messengers of encouraging words to a tired mama's soul. They were just the map I needed to avoid the bumps and potholes and find my trail back to joy again. They lead me straight to the foot of the cross and the refuge of a loving Savior.

Oh Lord, you are such a wonder to me, who am I that you are mindful of me?
Thank you Father in heaven for your refining fires that I may count it all joy. Amen


chaser of the wind said...

Oh mama, I miss home.
This is precious to my heart.
Spread the love for me, :).
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you MUCH.

Storybook Woods said...

Sometime we have to really focus to find the Lord and our joy. I am new to your blog but am enjoying it. CLarice

Laura said...

Blessings upon blessings to you today too! May you discover many micro miracles in your day!

Your Friend