Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rites of Passage

Isn't this a beautiful picture? One generation leading the next. You might see dirty, grease-caked hands but I see something beautiful and oh, so precious.

I see ...a father teaching his son a valuable skill,

time well spent together,

a living example of fatherhood,


a job well done,

something new was learned,
a father's love for his son,
I see...
a rite of passage.

Lord thank you for this man, my husband. Thank you that you gifted him with many skills and a mind and heart that teaches his children. Thank you Lord that through the drudgery of fixing a car you orchestrate something beautiful and fulfilling. I am grateful for this man who lives a life carrying out your commandments to teach them diligently as he sits in his house and walks by the way and when he lies down and when he rises up... Bless them Lord bind them stronger and closer to one another, and to you. Amen

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Laura said...

Sigh, I LOVE the way your journal, Heather!
so beautiful
so meaningful
so true