Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Preservation Project

This summer I have taken on a preservation project. My daughters “NeeNee” has become so frayed with love that she is in danger of, dare I say it? Becoming extinct. So I am attempting my hand at quilting. So far it is a very rough and amateur attempt. However the good news is I think it will do its intended job and protect NeeNee.

My inspiration was to make a quilt using pretty fabrics on the top and then to sew the NeeNee onto the back. This way my daughter can still see her and feel her NeeNee. I am hoping that by sewing her directly onto the backing she will be girded up and won’t fall apart.

Now NeeNee can live forever…can you hear the fairy music?

I know that when I am feeling worn and frayed it is a good hug from my hubby and the word of God that grids me up, reassures me and steadies me on. The word of God also talks of sowing seed could I be so bold as to interpret the imagery of that to a different picture? How about, sewing the seed of His word onto my heart? Aaaahhhh I feel an art inspiration coming on! Oh happy day….

I will post the end results when I am done with the art and the quilt.

Thank you Lord for your word and the gift of words your inspiration is astounding to me. Lord I hope I will always bring you glory with my creativity. You are the song I hear in my heart and the colors by which I create. I love you Amen.

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