Saturday, December 26, 2009

Playing with Sequins

This Christmas I had fun with sequins...I was inspired by my friend Dana T. She was recreating a Christmas swag like the one her Grandmother had made. Her Grandmother had cut out white felt letters to spell out Christmas and be-decked and be-jeweled them with sequins and beads. Then backed it with red felt to hide stitching and sewed each letter onto a wide red velvet ribbon, talk about cute! It was so festive and fun I had to try my hand at it.

However, I gave it a twist and did ornaments for my kids for their ornament boxes. We give each of our children an ornament every year until they graduate from college or marry. That way they have all their ornaments to fill their first Christmas tree once they are on their own. I love this tradition, it is practical and the kids really love thinking back to each Christmas represented by an ornament.

So here are my charming little birds. I used Layer of Color's Touch of Elegance stamp and fabric ink to stamp down the background pattern. Then I went to town with colorful beads and sequins. They are stuffed just a little to give that quilted look. I stitched on wings and then strung them to hang.


Dianne said...

I love your sequined ornaments. Beautiful work. Your kids will always treasure these and it's such a good idea too.

Kristine said...

Hi Heather--these are sooo NEAT! We have the same exact tradition in our family of giving the girls a special ornament each year... I try to make it something that represents that year for them. I have to admit that I've never actually tried making something--I have always purchased them. But I love your idea of stamping onto felt and adding the sequins. They are so beautiful and from the heart ♥ *Ü*

Barbara Hagerty said...

The birds are beautiful! The LOC stamp is perfect on them and really wonderful with the sequins!