Monday, April 19, 2010

Mission Trip-Guatemala 2010 part 2

Rios du Aqua Vive! Rivers of Living Water Church

Mayan Guatemalan women wrapping their hair in the traditional way for church

We set off on our journey. Our high schoolers were great travelers and we got through customs and the airport in Guatemala City with no problems. We spent 6 hrs. or so on the windy mountain highway, to our home base in Huehuetenago, in the northern mountainous region of Guatemala. We went to two small Mayan Churches.

This I will never forget: As we sat in this church with wide wondering eyes staring at us, our host, who is a pastor and native, gave a message. I became confused because I wasn't getting the whole message of what were to be doing. I could pick out a few words but it was nothing that I understood because I am not fluent in Spanish. Then, when it was translated from Spanish into the Mayan or the Mum language, I was really lost. It wasn't until our host Edwin, speak in English that I understood "in the hearing of my ears"! It was then, that I knew what it meant to hear the word of God in my OWN language. As English speaking Americans we are rarely confronted with this problem, right? Most everyone knows some English. We don't have to work too hard at communicating. What a moment of clarity for me. I will not look at God's word the same. My own language was meaningful to me in a new way. Our high schoolers gave testimonies of what Christ has done for them in their lives and we sang them songs in English. It was very powerful.

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Laura - Layers of Color said...

Oh, the flowers and colors! How beautiful...I'm sure all your senses experienced new colorful sensations on your "top of the mountain" trip! Thank you for sharing these powerful moments!

Love ya!