Thursday, January 13, 2011

Memorization~A Good Habit

My version of Colossians in a Year Challenge Memory Book

I have committed. There I said it. No, really, I want to... I want to hide God's amazing word in my heart, but I am not very good at memorization. It is true, ask my kids. Could it be that I haven't used that part of my brain for years? Perhaps.

My youngest enjoys watching me blunder our bible memory for co-op while he whips right through, not one mistake. I smile. My brain says,"Hey whatever works! Whoo hoo I am one step ahead of ya still little mister!" But my heart stings just a little knowing full well it is a weakness and one place I lack self-discipline.

Sometimes, I think there is just not enough room in there and if I start memorizing I will blow a fuse. Or worse...other important stuff will fall out. Maybe some of you know what I am talking about. You know brain space, that's what I call it. I only have so much. Right?

Well no more shrinking violet! I have decided to take the challenge. I was inspired by Ann Voskamp blog post on creating a habit. A good one. Ah-ha she is on to something! Note to self: you can create good habits- not just bad ones!

So I downloaded her free gift and put together my Heather-ified version. Creative and pretty are good motivators for me. I sure enjoyed putting this together. I used 3x5 cards from the $1 store and pretty paper I had on hand. Glued each weeks verses to the card and punched holes in the top. I used two rings to hold the cards and ribbon and a rosette to embellish the front. I have it right on my desk in the school room so I can look at it all the time.

Week one of my journey

I have faithfully started, but I have to say... it ain't pretty.


Lisa notes... said...

It’s great that you’re doing this! No matter how much you fumble through it, you will be blessed even in the process. I memorize scripture with my 15-yr-old, and she breezes through while I stutter and forget every other word. Sigh. But that’s okay. It’s still getting in my heart, and she sees that I’m trying something that doesn’t come easily.

Let's keep at it!

Laura - Layers of Color said...

You CRACK ME UP, Heather! Brain space!...we're obviously sisters, I tell ya! I love it! You made me laugh out loud!

God love's your devoted heart, memorized verses or not. Yes, keep going, some of it will stick! Maybe you'll have to do it like they made me in school...write it down 50 times on the chalkboard! :)

Wonderful idea and very pretty the way it's presented!

Jennie said...

Beautiful Heather!! I know it seems harder to learn verses as I get daughter with her homeschooling seems to breeze through passages and I am still hung on the first one. Lovely presentation of your verses and pray He blesses!

Melisa Waldorf said...

Heather I feel your pain. This is a marvleous idea! You go girl!