Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Day Book Dec. 2011 Entry


Jan. 5, 2011 ...

Outside my window... it is a cold gray morning, the kind of morning that makes you want to quickly grab the paper off the porch and quickly close the door as to not let the cold air into the house.

I am thinking... I am thinking about the activities of the evening and looking forward to fellowship with friends over dinner at church. I am also thinking that I have made some good choices to reduce the amount of commitments and that feels good as I head into another year.

I am thankful for...I am so grateful for the peace and quiet of the morning and children deep in study. I am grateful for several good nights in a row of peaceful sleep.

From the learning rooms... Today we are back to our studies in classical education. We are doing the Middle ages in History, Old Testament Kings and Prophets, Calligraphy and Art of the Middle ages, Latin, Math, Astronomy, and Literature. We have had a great start to our schedule. I know the kids are always grateful to get back to a schedule and so am I.

From the kitchen... tonight for supper we will be eating dinner at church. But I am thinking I need to use up the bananas that are turning so I will bake some banana bread. I might even put some chocolate chips in there, yuuummmyy!

I am wearing...Yoga pants, long sleeve shirt, fuzzy socks, the usual.

I am creating...I finished sewing the valances for the family room and was able to do a page in my fabric altered book on birds, I am close to finishing a page for the Mocking Bird.

I am take finish up my lesson plans for bible and art for co-op so that is off my plate and ready for next week. I also need to update the bible timeline and have it ready for the other bible teacher.

I am reading...The Vicar of Wakesfield and The Magician's Nephew.

I am hoping... That our school day will be productive and enjoyable.

I am hearing... the groans and yawns of my children thinking and figuring while they work at their desks.

Around the house...things are sort of clean and picked up, we will get on that when school is finished. And every time I go into the kitchen I smile because it looks so beautiful since I painted it last weekend. Fresh and clean, warm and cozy!

One of my favorite things...Having done an honest hard days work where my body and mind ache for the comfort of my bed and rest.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I am making sure to get the rest I need to be on my game for my family and all that we do here at the Orchard Street Farm.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...My freshly painted kitchen

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Collette said...

Hi - I enjoyed reading your Daybook! Your redecorated kitchen pic is beautiful - LOVE the colors and the toille valance! Did you sew that valance as well? Saw your artwork in an earlier post, too...very beautiful.

I'm also a homeschooling mom who loves to make things. I will be back to visit here again!

Collette @ art of being mama

Karen said...

You are the second person that mentioned banana bread today...and it's making me hungry for it! lol Your kitchen looks lovely--I have a yellow kitchen also.

Sherri said...

I love the new color in the kitchen! And your black cabinets too! So pretty! Hope the rest of your week is wonderful

Katharine said...

Enjoyed your daybook entry...I love your kitchen!
Blessings on your day!

Pretentious Wombat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the "Wombo" comment. :-D Too funny!

I'll add your blog to my daily reading. I don't always get to everyone's in a timely manner but I eventually show up.

Love the photo of your kitchen. I can almost smell the banana bread baking.

Roger and LeAnn said...

Loved your post using The Simple Woman's Daybook. You have a full life for sure. My one daughter home schools and it is going well. It takes a lot of organizing and it looks like you are on top of that. I loved the picture of your newly painted kitchen.
I will drop by again.
If you like check in on mine. # 50 on the The Simple Woman's Daybook.
Blessings to you!

Jan said...

Thank you for stopping by.

Loved reading your Daybook, you sound happy and contented, and your newly painted kitchen is bright and cheery.

Blessings, Jan

Anonymous said...

I just loved reading your daybook. Your kitchen is beautiful.

Joyful said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybook also. Thanks for visiting mine as it was my first entry :-) I simply love your kitchen. So glad you posted a photo of it. It looks very comfortable and cosy.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook & your kitchen is beautiful!!

God bless,
Frau Guten Tag

Anonymous said...

"the magician's nephew" is one of my favorites from the chronicles of narnia. i love the idea of narnia being sung into beiing.

*DEBORAH* said...

Love the Daybook....Your kitchen makes me smile.Beautiful, Love the color choices.I think the yellow with blue accents work great!I am just starting a new blog come on over and check it out....

Dorie said...

I enjoyed reading your 'Day Book,' and have to concur - 'a honest hard days work' is a favorite for me as well.
Also, love the yellow kitchen. In our old house, we had painted the kitchen yellow. It was so bright and cheery, just like your kitchen.

Laura - Layers of Color said...

Your writing is always so captivating, Heather. You bring me into that warm, loving, nurturing and creative place called Orchard Street Farm...and I feel at home!

Love the Daybook format. And your kitchen is the bees knees!