Thursday, July 26, 2012

Faux Metal Frame-I Love Paint!

Faux Metal Mirror
Yesterday, I finally finished something on my long list of projects. It was one of those projects that wasn't essential to life as I know it and so often it would get re-slated to the end of the list because other important things would come along. 

However, yesterday was the day, yes, finally, I was able to get-er done and I am so excited about the finished product.

Filigree Details
This mirror that I got handed down to me was a light wood color that had been white washed- super cute but disappeared on my cashmere color walled. It has great lines and filigree that I wanted to accentuate and make it look like old metal!

I took Silver Chrome spray paint (yes for a car- it was all we had in the shed), black and brown craft acrylic, a ratty old brush, and went to work. 

First, I taped up the mirror portion and then sprayed most but not all places with the silver. Then I painted a  black color washed over it (little black paint and twice as much water) working quickly so that patterns didn't form on the surface and the black went into the design crevices, making it look solid but translucent. I kept adding layers until it looked metal-ish to me. Some areas I let the silver poke through. Once the black was dried I added the brown for "rusty"areas. I wanted it to look really old and weathered. I like how it turned out and it really just pops off the wall too. Man do I love paint! It is this frugal woman's best decorating tool!

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Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Wowee!! Gorgeous frame, Heather!! So that's how you did it!, totally looks like metal to me, even IRL! Excellent job, Honey! And thanks for teaching me something new today...hmmm searching my house for something to paint with a metal finish. :)