Monday, August 6, 2012

Butter Dish to Posh and Pretty Bird Feeder

So how does this silver butter dish and wooden candlestick become a Posh and Pretty Bird Feeder? Read on and I will share.

This is another one of those projects on my list, like the last post, and with a little drilling help from my man, I was able to cross this project off the list today.  I sure am happy with the way this second-hand treasure turned out too!

At the beginning of the summer I went to the funnest place on earth! No not Disneyland - well this might be considered a kind of Disneyland for Farm-Girlie-Grown-Ups- but Farm Chicks! Wowee talk about super cute junk! Holy Cannoli, did I load up! It was so fun being with my gal pals and finding one-of-a-kind treasure. This silver butter dish was one of those wonders I couldn't pass up.

So here is the how to turn your second hand treasure into Posh and Pretty Up-Cycling At Its Finest: 

Flea Market Treasures to start
1)First I hunted down a wooden candle stick at a thrift store that was proportioned the way I liked. The candle stick I found was actually held together by a very long screw- a happy accident- because this allowed me to
2.) drill a hole in the bottom of the dish part and then
3.) re-assemble the footing of the candlestick to the underside of the dish and the main portion, to the inside of the dish.

bottom of candlestick to bottom of butter dish
4.) I then had my man drill 2 small holes through the top on either side of the finial and through the candle stick so that I could

top of butter dish bird feeder
5.) thread black wire through the top, through the candlestick, and back up through the top of the butter dish. This allowed me to  secure the top of the butter dish to the feeder but also allowed me to
6.)wire wrap a hanger to hang it from.

Ready for some wholesome bird seed!

Voila a most lovely bird feeder for all my little feathered friends! Don't you just love how a wee twig is the perfect little perch for the birds to eat from!

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Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Oh my, how darling! A silver bird feeder...that IS posh! Love your project, Heather! Glad you could see your lovely idea come to life! Super darling!