Saturday, September 1, 2007

Life Lessons From a Bike

Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? I do, I was about 7 yrs. and I had a yellow schwinn with a white banana seat and a white basket with daisies on the front. My dad taught me and I remember the sequence of events even today. He would encouraging me "you can do this!" and running behind while holding onto a very apprehensive little girl, the letting go, "peddle! peddle!", the crash, the tears and bandaids, then reassurance, and the process would reluctantly start again. And to this day I have not forgotten how to ride! I think that is a miracle!

Now, I know that there are lots of skills and things that we learn to do in life that we never forget, but riding a bike... it is one thing that takes me right back
to childhood.

I was reminded of this picture, because my youngest son, Josiah, learned to ride his bike this week. I was so excited for him, the last of four to figure the fine marriage between speed and balance that allows us to enjoy that wonderful invention the bicycle. I now get to hear those wonderful words that I too, said as a girl..."Mom, I'm going to ride my bike.." and then the familiar BANG as the back screen slams shut.

This little snapshot of life was cause for me to stop for a moment and take a deep breath and remember the simple wonders of childhood... It must be all the nostalgia of graduating a senior off to college or something but lately I have been doing this a lot. I have to say I have enjoyed the time of reflection, it has done my heart, soul and spirit good. It is also a wonderful picture of how much of life is spent in that sequence of events of learning and trying, crashing, hurting, getting encouraged and trying again. Did you ever have to pause to go bandage those scraped knees? The only reason I had gotten back on my bike, when I was little, was because I knew someone was helping me and encouraging me, my Dad. Life, also sometimes leaves us with bloody knees. As a woman I get back on the bike of life, peddling out in faith, knowing that my heavenly father is running behind me, steadying the bike, and then letting go in His time.

Try riding a bike today, I bet you will remember how! Who knows the places you'll go, you and God, on a bicycle built for two!

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